Ogden Community School District

Snow Removal Specifications





Ogden Community School District is interested in a Snow Removal Contractor to provide a bid for consideration of one year of snow removal for the district.  This work shall be completed in a safe, timely, consistent, effective, efficient manner meeting all applicable codes and regulations.


The Contractor shall:


  1. Provide the appropriate: certificate of proof of insurance, Federal Tax I.D., current snow removal client references.


  1. Report to Billy Olesen, District Maintenance Director, or his designee with any scheduling concerns.


  1. Plowing or removal of all snow from parking lots, driveways and areas as determined or described by the OCSD District Maintenance Director or his designee from storms producing snowfall amounts of three (3) inches or more. A map of areas requiring snow removal and areas in which snow may be piled by the contractor, can be obtained by contacting the district office at 732 W. Division Street or Billy Olesen, District Maintenance Director.


  1. All snow will be removed from to within (3) feet of all buildings in these areas.


  1. No snow will be piled on or against any buildings, utility poles, traffic control signage, fire hydrants, sidewalks, stairways or doorways.


  1. Snow will be removed by 7:00am so as not to disrupt the daily school operations or activities.


  1. If a school related activity is planned for Saturday or Sunday, snow will be removed before these events as needed.  If no school related activity is planned for Saturday or Sunday, snow will not be removed until Monday if 3 inches of snow remains.


  1. During heavy snowstorms or storms of long duration, contractor may need to clean required areas more than one time.


  1. Note:  OCSD may terminate this contract by giving thirty days written notice to the Snow Removal Contractor.


  1. Return a sealed bid to the OCSD District Office at 732 West Division Street, Ogden, Iowa  50212 by 4:00 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017.